A beneficiary appeal to help the family of the martyr Shaban Zenuni-Hoxha

He was born on August 5th 1974 in the village Merovë that belongs to the municipality of Zhelina in Tetova. He grew up as an orphan and had a tough childhood, he never experienced fatherly fondness because he lost his dad due to a natural disaster when he was 5 years old. His father was the imam of the Merovë village and he was also an authoritative and a wonderful man in the entire area of Mali i Thatë and further. 
After finishing elementary school in his homeland, he went further finishing his high school in Damascus of Syria, where he successfully finished his 6 years studies in Furkan. Because of the impossibility of continuing his studies he got employed as an imam in his village of Merova. 
Since he could not resist the hard economic conditions Shaban Zenuni-Hoxha is forced to immigrate to Italy in 1998. Just like many of his compatriots he joins the KLA (UCK) in 2001. 
Taking into consideration his skills and decisive spirit, he was assigned as the Commander of the 4th Battalion of 112th Brigade Mujdin Aliu by the headquarters. 
During the war of 2001, Shaban Zenuni had shown extraordinary military skills of a real 
superior by announcing the battalion that was leaded by him as the most successful one among the others in KLA. 
Unpleased by the post-war progress, without amnesty and accused for things that he didn’t commit, he is again forced to migrate. He could not come back at home where he had his mother, wife, his three sons, his relatives and friends. With the courage that he possessed he was coming home secretly, and in the meanwhile he was followed by the shadow of being seized for things he never did. 
He was killed in unknown circumstances on May 12th 2010, together with Harun Aliu and two other people. The Commander Shaban Zenuni-Hoxha has left behind in a very old house, in a distant highland village, his three sons, his wife and his sick mother.
A homeland is constituted by the martyrs that have founded it and by the living people that keep it alive. And the nation does not bend unless before its martyrs. By helping his family we will respect ourselves and him. We will testify our civilization in front of those people who want to keep treating us as second hand civilians in the heart of Europe, just because we are Albanians. 
All you who would like to help the family of Zenun, so that his three sons can be able to continue their studies and not to feel abandoned, you can contact his family directly in this phone number: 
+389 75 972 906
The bank account for your help is

Name of Beneficiary : SHERIFE ZENUNI
Beneficiary address : Merovo, Ul.101 Br. BB , Zelino, 1200 TETOVO, MACEDONIA
IBAN: / MK07 380277188603506 GBP
/ MK07 380277188602245 EUR
/ MK07 380277188601469 CHF
/ MK07 380277188605349 USD
/ MK07 380277188600693 AUD
Bank of Beneficiary: ProCredit Bank, Macedonia

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